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Fees for Certificate, Diploma & Degree Students

Certificate, Diploma and Degree students

Academic fee structure: How does it work

1. Application Fee
1.1  applicants pay an application fee of R300 directly to the college account.
1.2 Returning students to CAT pay an application fee of R300 directly to the College.
1.3 The application fee is non-refundable and does not form part of the tuition fees at the CAT College.

2. Acceptance of Offer Fee:
If your application is successful, you will be asked to pay 1500 fee as a first instalment. If you decide to accept the offer you must make a payment of R2000 (for 2013) to the College in order to secure your place. This Acceptance of Offer fee is refundable 2013.

3. Balance of Fees (per year )
After registration the actual costs for tuition fees for the first semester will be calculated. The R1500 paid will be subtracted from the total and an account for the balance will be given to you. The balance of the year fees must be paid before the end of November, college will give you easy payment options so the balance you can pay easy monthly instalments as agreed.

4. Bursaries or Loans
Students who have any form of bursary or loan must ensure that the funding is available at the time of registration. Proof of award must be submitted at the Student Funding Centre before registration. Students who have received financial assistance from the college must complete their load documentation at the Student Funding Centre before registration

Cost of study
The cost of College education will vary according to individual circumstances, and students are advised to calculate carefully the total financial provision they must make. The cost of a year at the CAT College in 2013 should between R9900 and R20,000.

You will also need to provide for stationery and equipment, personal expenses, laundry, transport, sports, subscriptions, medical expenses and, residence during short vacations.
When deciding where to study you should enquire about the cost of study and compare costs of different colleges in surrounding areas. This will help you make realistic decisions to suit your financial means.

Mode of payment
1. Payment may be made by means of cheque or postal orders, direct deposit into the relevant College Banking Accounts, or by credit card.
2. The College offers a payment by instalment facility, by means of a debit order against a bank account, for students who are self-funded. Application may be made at the respective Student Fees Offices on each campus as soon as possible after selection and no later than at least a week before registration

All payments must be paid to Bank account

Account Number: 00251 2033

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