Cat College Research

A reputation for excellence in research supported by a high calibar staff is reflected in the demand for entry to Computer Administration and Technical College's programmes from high achieving students. Committed to excellence in fundamental research as well as the development of innovative technologies for the future, CAT offers a quality research training experience for its students. The Institute maintains its relevance to world-class research by linking with industry and business through local and international research networks.

CAT's research strength spans over diverse disciplines like Business, Manufacturing, Product Design, Energy, Information Technology, and Materials Engineering. It also expands to research in basic sciences, applied sciences and biosciences. Emerging fields and key hi-tech disciplines of the future are focussed on. It encourages its researchers to participate in a wide range of international research collaborations. CAT's extensive network creates unique opportunities for conducting and supporting research, particularly in inter- and multi-disciplinary areas.

Within a short time we are becoming a Higher education Institution in 2010, CAT has risen to the expectations of Government organisations, research institutes, mission-critical organisations like Council on Higher Education, the Department of Education and other organizations. CAT also offers consultancy services worth more than R. 1 million to the Education support and development Research

Dr Reddy who is currently doing research on Education Informatics to develop education through Information Technology.

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